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There's so much to digest from the webinar and the toolkit I think I will be watching & reading both a few times over to have everything sink in.

This ebook has helped me become more specific in WHY I want to travel, which gives me more motivation to make my travel happen! It also helped me to realize that anything is possible. After reading this book, it made me realize that if it´s something that I truly want, then I should do it.
Casey Dugas

Your journey to a more nourishing and empowered future BEGINS here

With my 30 Day Money Cleanse you’ll move from being consumed with money – not having enough or trying to make more to stay afloat – to feeling confident, comfortable and secure about where it’s coming from, and how to value and treat it.

Changing your life's circumstances involves changing the person within. To do that we need to cleanse our old ways of thinking, doing and being.

This cleanse does not come wrapped in magic fairy dust. It will not transform you overnight, but it will set you up with new beginnings, if you stay committed to doing the work.

The 30 Day Money Cleanse will empower you with tips and strategies you can use for the rest of your life to co-create your future - that's creation that happens consciously and in co-operation with powerful life-guiding sources. 

 I call it Universal Miracles. - The source of all good things that is waiting for you to align with it.